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Naturalize Your Landscape

Re-Wilding McKellar Guide

 by Chris Clayton


The process of adding wildlife opportunities and increasing biodiversity on our properties is called "re-wilding." To re-wild we plant locally hardy native trees and shrubs on them. Many MLCA members are becoming interested in "re-wilding" their properties because it's good for the ecology on their properties, aesthetically pleasing, and increases the possibilities for bird and wildlife sightings.

Re-wilding McKellar Township, on the other hand, would disrupt farming and existing outdoor activities. Open spaces also have their advantages.

We Can Help

In this Guide you'll find a list of native plants that can do well in this area. You'll also find a guide to understanding where and why to plant native plants and learn how to make our local soils hospitable to native plants, how to help your plants stand up to country wildlife, and how to help your plants thrive even when you're not around with a watering hose.

The good news is that if you put the right native plants in the ground and help them get established with strong roots systems, they will thrive on benign neglect.

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