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On Use of Water Data Results

Although the MLCA and its representatives or agents have endeavoured to ensure that the reference material information and water data values posted on this web site are reliable, the MLCA does not guarantee or warrant the quality, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, appropriateness or suitability of such provided.  Use of this web site is at your own risk.  Information and data are presented "as is" for general purposes, educational information and convenience purposes only.

The MLCA expressly disclaims all warranties, representations and conditions regarding use of this web site and/or the use of its content.  The MLCA does not guarantee that the reference content and data values on this site are up-to-date.  The MLCA assumes no obligation to update any of the content.  In addition to being provided "as is," the content may be changed from time to time without notice.  Certain portions of the information posted to this site may have been contributed by other persons and should not be assumed to have been reviewed or endorsed by the MLCA.

Regarding personal health and welfare, never assume that any content found and read at any location on the Internet is written specifically for you.  Discuss any questions and concerns you may have with your family physician, or contact your local Medical Emergency Services.

Health Parameter Public Disclosure Disclaimer

Information made available by the MLCA is provided for general information purposes and is not compiled or presented for the purposes of diagnosing or treating any health related condition or concern, or for any other purpose which requires consultation with a qualified health care professional.  Please do not rely upon this information for any of these purposes.  Instead, we recommend that you consult a qualified health care professional to meet your personal health care needs.

Safe Water

Drinking or swimming in water that has harmful bacteria in it can make you sick.  These bacteria can give you stomach cramps and/or diarrhea, as well as other problems.  Water that is sourced from an uncontrolled source, such as a lake or river, is NOT considered a safe drinking source, and may contain Escherichia coli 0157:h7, Campylobacter, giardiasis and/or other bacteria harmful to human health.

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