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You may consider McKellar a quiet small village and the local lakes wonderful places to relax from the everyday stress of city traffic and the challenges of managing careers and raising families. However, there are many interesting and exciting things to do within about an hour's drive of Lake Manitouwabing.  The drop-down menu provides a plethora of suggestions for recreational activities to please every generation of your family. 

  • Maps of AreaThere are three options available to you. View the static map of the area, print a pdf of the map for yourself or visitors, or experiment with the interactive map which has many features including the ability to zero in on the area of your own home or cottage.
  • Parks and TrailsProvides details on several spectacular provincial parks in the area, and describes where to find interesting hiking, skiing and snowmobiling trails to explore.
  • Local ActivitiesSocial gatherings, events, educational opportunities and activities taking place within the communities in and around McKellar and Lake Manitouwabing.
  • Indoor FunThere are a variety of excellent sources of entertainment and culture for all ages in Parry Sound and the surrounding area.  We list several for your convenience and provide links and phone numbers for you to obtain more information.
  • Outdoor FunThe area offers many opportunities to view the beauty and ruggedness of  Georgian Bay and the inland areas, either passively or actively; from spectacular golf courses or trips around the 30,000 islands to village fetes and farmers markets.  Again, we provide links and phone numbers for you to obtain more information.

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