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Naturalize Your Landscape

Re-Wilding McKellar Guide

 by Chris Clayton

Benefits for Birds

You may want to include plants that are considered good “cover” for birds. What does that mean? Cover is safe place within the branches of trees and shrubs where birds can find refuge when pursued by a predator, can roost or sleep safely overnight and make their nests to raise their young.

Trees Can Help Soil

Likewise, you may want to consider native plants such as Birch, Poplar and Pussy Willow to enrich the soil naturally. These fast growing plants are "weak branched", which makes them susceptible to wind damage or prone to insect infestation. In the ecosystems where they grow, their "weak branches" can be a good thing.

Weak branches can become home to a multitude of insects and fungi. Insects are food for birds, especially song birds. Fungi begin the process of breaking down the wood into organic food for other plants, which in turn enriches the soil in which the plants are growing. This enriched soil helps the root network of other plants thrive, providing those plants with increased resilience. Strong roots reduce soil erosion and stable soils can support a wider range of plants.

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