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Testing & Reporting Regions

Manitouwabing Lake

 McKellar Bay

B  Tait's Island

C  Maplewood West/Peninsula Shores/Sunset Bay/Lyndsey Lane

D  Smith Pine / Craigmore / Maplewood East / Hurdville

E  Bailey / Jones Bay

F  Lona / Longhorn

G Camp Manitou / Robinson Bay / Middle River

Area Lakes

H  McKellar Lake

  Grey Owl Lake

J   Armstrong Lake

K  Moffat Lake


1: Click on a testing region from the list above or the Map Marker

2: Water quality testing results will appear below region map

MLCA Water Testing Areas

At the foot of each area map you will find current and historical e.coli readings for the area of the lake in which your property is located.   Information about coliforms and e.coli testing and what the data values mean may be found under "Coliforms & E.Coli" on the "Water Quality" dropdown menu.  Also, please read the MLCA "Disclaimer" which may be found on the same dropdown menu.

If there is a problem in a specific area there will be a notation below the data listings.  If regular testing in your area results in unacceptably high readings, MLCA Members in the area will be informed by email of the Association's concern and steps that are being taken to resolve the issue. 

Should you have a concern about a specific location that is not monitored on a regular basis, please contact the MLCA director in your area (see list of directors under "About Us" if you are unsure who to call). 

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