Spring News Blast

Tree and Seed Sale - 2021

The McKellar Tree Planting Program has had another successful year. Congratulations and thanks to all for making this a very successful ongoing event.

As usual, we ride with what the nursery can actually deliver come spring, with what the weather sends us, and this year again, with what restrictions are in place. All in all, it went very smoothly, with those who got caught in glitches being very considerate and gracious.

We planted again, close to 2,000 trees and shrubs. About 100 participants took part. Some new, some adding to their last year's plantings. By all reports there was good success with last year's seedlings.

This year we had added seeds to enable regeneration of meadows and shorelines. We planted 2 kilograms of seed. That is a lot of seed; bee mix, clover ground cover and shoreline. We are continuing to encourage naturalization as the best way to feed and support birds, wildlife and pollinating insects. Naturalizing lawns and meadows also helps keep our lakes clean which is a high priority in our township.

A heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers that show up “rain or shine” to sort and distribute all of these trees. It certainly is a lot of fun, and the ability to use the Township rink this year provided a great space under cover! Thank you for the staff that met all of our needs. And we are grateful to Steve Macdonell for jumping in to manage the logistics of the program.

We will be needing an organizer to work alongside Steve in putting together next year's order. If you have some time to continue this effort, please feel welcome, there is a great crew in place.

See you next year!

MLCA Water Testing

Please be advised that our 2020 Water Quality Report is available on our website. It discusses E.coli results, Benthic Testing and Blue-Green algae investigations. Our team of water volunteers will continue with their diligent work in 2021.

Three major water samplings were completed in 2020. A couple of hot spots for E.coli were detected - see detailed results here.  We will continue to provide special attention to these areas in 2021. Three major testings will be completed in 2021 as well.

The Ministry of Environment confirmed the identification of a Blue-Green Algae bloom in August of 2020. Subsequent water testing in this area did not detect any toxins. Our volunteers will be on the alert for Blue-Green Algae in 2021. Please report any suspected blooms to the MOE Spills Action Centre 1-866-663-8477. If you also think that the water in the reported area should be tested for toxins, then email our water testing coordinator. Note, we will only do testing if the MOE confirms the presence of Blue Green Algae.

In conjunction with the Georgian Bay Biosphere, McKellar township and the MLCA will be performing the second year of the Manitouwabing lake bottom Benthic study this summer. Benthic studies focus on the life at the base of the food chain which is generated in the mud in the shallow areas of a lake where the sun reaches the lake bottom. The bugs in the mud, in turn, support all other life in the lake. The goal of this three year program is to assess the health of the lake ecosystem. The results will be reported after the third year is completed. See the background information for this study here.

Last Year’s sampling for phosphorus was delayed due to the pandemic, but some samplers were able to get out on behalf of the Lake Partner Program.

Safe Quiet Lakes Survey

Our asociation is proud to be participating in the 2021 “Your Lakes – Your Views” survey with Safe Quiet Lakes. This is an important survey that gathers the experiences and opinions of all who use the waterways in the Muskoka and Georgian Bay regions. Results of their 2013 and 2017 Surveys have been presented to Muncipalities, Transport Canada, the OPP, boating organizations and many others to help communicate the interests and concerns of the users of our region’s lakes. These results have also been used by associations, like ours, to understand members’ concerns and plan programs.

Please take 10-15 minutes of your valuable time to respond.  This survey closes Monday, July 12th, 2021. Click the link below to go to the survey. All responses are confidential.


Reminders and Tips

McKellar Market

The market is opening on July 3rd. For more information, check out the Market’s web page.


We will schedule and announce the date of our AGM when the province enters Phase 2 of its reopening plan. The AGM will be held in person and on Zoom on a Saturday morning. We are staying in touch with the Town in order to book the earliest date possible. The meeting will include water and financial reports, a discussion on proposed constitution updates and a presentation on the causes and prevention of Blue Green Algae. The Town’s Environmental Committee will make a presentation after our meeting concludes.

Hydro Rates

FOCA has a web page dedicated to Electricity Pricing. OEB rulings are listed along with suggestions for those who are affected. Email update are available.

Lyme Disease

According to The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit, since April 2021, three black-legged ticks found in the district have tested positive for the bacteria that can cause Lyme disease. One was from the Parry Sound area. The Health Unit reminds the public to exercise caution outdoors. More recommendations can be found on their Lyme Disease page.

FOCA Benefits

You are a FOCA member. FOCA provides discounts from many cottage related retailers and gives you access to information on a variety of topics such as water ecology and cottage succession. Check out their list of benefits. Signup for FOCA Elerts to stay current with FOCA news and opportunities.

Superior Propane Purchasing Plan

Our plan with Superior continues to offer our members a great price and other features. For more information, check out our Propane page.


Septic System Health & You

The GBBR and the Town of the Archipelago hosts Danielle Ward from Adams Brothers Construction as she shares information on various septic topics. Short term care can mean long term savings and peace of mind. Click here to register.

Invasive Phragmites

Join FOCA and Brooke Harrison from Georgian Bay Forever for a discussion about invasive Phragmites: its characteristics, its spread and its controls.  Click here to register. For Association, use MLCA.

Nature Conservancy Canada: Nature Talks

The NCC publishes Nature Talks webinars on a regular basis. Register now for the June 24 Nature Talks dealing with Tackling Invasive Species. From the registration page you can also watch the recordings of previous webinars..

Town News

Pool and Wellness Complex

The West Parry Sound Municipalities have received $23 million in grant money for a Pool and Wellness Complex.

more ...

The complex will cost $31.8M. The Federal grant is $12.7M, the Provincial grant is $10.6M, and the West Parry Sound Municipalities will contribute $8.5M. See the town’s announcement for more details.

Lake Stewardship and Environmental Ad Hoc Committee

The two year span of the LSEAHC is coming to a close this summer and a full report, which will be posted on the Township website, is nearing completion.


Council has voted to appoint this committee as a Standing Committee and the goals and objectives of the Lake Stewardship and Environmental Standing Committee are nearing completion. Three MLCA directors are also members of the LSEAHC.

Emergency and Taxes

The following motion was passed at a recent Council meeting.


Whereas the Council of the Township of McKellar declared the Municipal Emergency terminated, effective June 30, 2021; Now Therefore the Council of the Township of McKellar does hereby reinstate the application of penalty and interest on past due property tax accounts, effective July 1. 2021.