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Winning internationally in Fine Arts Categories, local Artist Mary Jane Gomes has become well known for her unique scenic photographic landscapes that are skillfully created by extending the camera’s exposure and her own movement. The subtle blurred imagery she captures, read more as painted modern art than photography.

Daybreak Dance

Moving to McKellar years ago to find refuge after devastating losses, Mary Jane as an already skilled cinematographer and story teller, took to camera, the local countryside and willfully immersed her healing into how the camera caught something deep, spiritual and comforting in every shot. Her goal has always been to capture the breath of nature.

Her photographs reveal a multitude of sentiment. She also creates exciting photographic glass infused, architectural pieces that are used as glass panels on decking, doors, pass throughs and spa interiors. Of note is a series of mounted glass signature pieces that leave a ghostly subtle impression of nature without being blatantly about the outside world. Her murals are reminiscent of ancestral ceremonial patterns found on the robes and blankets of Native American Tribes, but blurred, softened and emotionally charged.

Her work is contemporary, thought provoking and peaceful.

Nature Your Space gallery shopping has been available at the McKellar Markets and available online at:


 McKellar Market Organizers Acknowledged

The essence of our community lives in the fine souls that I encountered at the market this past summer.  Each Saturday I spent at the market as a visitor and participant gave me a deeper understanding of our community and a stronger feeling of connection. I was overwhelmed by the warmth of the organizers, the volunteers, the vendors and the customers.

On the first Market day, Jan Gibson and team warmly welcomed us and helped us find our way. When we struggled setting up our canopy, a neighbouring vendor gave us some useful tips. And the enthusiasm of the Scrunchy Sisters in the next stall filled our hearts. The camaraderie and support from our firefighters was wonderful to observe week after week at the market.

Every week countless members dropped by to discuss lake issues and to offer support. Mary Jane Gomes, an artistic MLCA member and vendor, dropped by to introduce herself. This encounter lead to many soulful chats and to an idea of highlighting local artists in our newsletter. Mary Jane’s work is highlighted in this issue and she will be highlighting another artist in our next issue. We look forward to our members recommending other artists for review. The artists, musicians and artisans in our community truly help us celebrate all the natural beauty in our world.

As an association, we will continue to celebrate who we are and share our own individual gifts.  A vibrant loving community is the greatest gift of all.  We must all give thanks for what we have here in McKellar.

Happy Thanksgiving

Steve Macdonell, MLCA President

Why we should test for Coliform & E. coli presence around our lake front properties?

Q: “I have seen turtles, snakes, minnows and fish this summer, doesn’t seem this worry about coliform & E.coli in water quality testing is such a big concern. Why do I need to test my own septic?”

A. It’s awesome that you’re able to enjoy a healthy ecosystem, cold blooded species are not affected by coliform & E. coli. It’s spread through warm blooded mammals, like us and it has the potential to cause serious illness. We should test our septics to see if there is any runoff that can enter the lake.

Research provided by McKellar’s Lake Stewardship & Environmental Ad Hoc Committee, reports that coliform is a naturally occurring bacteria present in the feces of warm blooded animals. E. coli is a particular strain of bacteria that is composed of many variants, some can cause infectious and potentially severe illness in people. Narrowing in on the lottery of being exposed to the specific illness causing pathogen - is like a crap shoot, that literally ends as a crap shoot,     if you know what I mean.

The bad varieties cause intestinal illness that works its way through your body like a flu virus. It can show up as a urinary tract infection, severe stomach cramps, a fever and diarrhea. It is contagious so washing hands is of utmost importance.

Having coliform & E. coli show up in a water quality test is absolutely the exclusive result of faecal contamination. Faulty septics, dog poop, water fowl poop, the presence of a beaver. Without a healthy riparian, heavy rains and surface waters, can weep into shorelines. Interestingly enough, sand harbours large amounts of coliform as the fine particulates are a natural filter. The trouble is, if dogs are digging and children are making sandcastles, they can expose themselves to these contaminates and spread them further into the lake.


A faulty septic system can happen to anyone. Accidental damage, blockage, forgetting to empty it out regularly or excessive rain can flood the field where not too far down below - microbes are doing their magic. A healthy septic system must keep everything under the ground, if effluence is exposed it can be carried to the lake. Septic Dye Tests are designed to give property owners reassurance. You just pop the dye capsule down the toilet, wait 24 hours and at night, take a black light flashlight and survey your septic field for florescence. If you see anything, you know you have a leak. Then, wait a few days and keep watching, if you see the florescence in nearby creeks or at your waterfront, you will know for certain, the entry of coliform & E. coli.

  1 - dye test & black light flashlight

2 - flush dye capsule down toilet

3 - at night watch for florescence

READ MLCA's Septic Systems 101

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  MLCA's  AGM 2021

Saturday Sept 11th via zoom, The MLCA welcomed a restructuring of Executive Members to the Board

Stephen MacDonell      President

Scott Buckingham        VP

Tony Best                     Treasurer 

Karyn Klaire Koski        Secretary



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