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  Tree & Seed Planting Program 2021 Store   

The Store is being renovated - the opening will be announced by email.

MLCA is offering a community tree planting program.

Whereas we are all now more than aware of the impact our choices have on the environment and the species that live here, we are also adding a selection of wildflower, shoreline and alternative lawn seed.

We are all being encouraged to naturalize wherever we possibly can. This provides food and habitat for pollinating insects, which we need for our own food production. Naturalizing shorelines produce fish habitat, discourage geese and soak up run off before it enters the water. As well as the sheer beauty of a meadow full of wildflowers or a backyard resplendent with birds and butterflies, we know there are many reasons to consider this option.

You will be notified of a time and place for pickup. Ideally, we try for the May long weekend as most people are able to be here for pick up, or make arrangements with a neighbour and it is still early enough for planting.

The deadline for placing an order will be Dec. 18, 2021. We are ordering in the fall so as to minimize any last minute shortfalls that the nursery may have.

For care in handling and planting your selections download the following .pdf


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